Distinguish Between Residential & Business Addresses

SmartSoftDQ’s AccuMail Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) module provides the power to reduce shipping costs by verifying if a delivery address is classified as residential or business. You will make informed shipping decisions and know your parcel shipping rates before a carrier charges a higher price.

Who Is RDI For?

The RDI module is for those looking to: reduce residential delivery surcharges, lower shipping charges by rate shopping to meet the delivery requirements based on the delivery type, identify patterns for improving operational efficiency, and provide online rate-shopping services for their customers.

Address Quality, Intelligent Mail | Residential Delivery Indicator

How Does RDI Work?

AccuMail RDI works in conjunction with our CASS Certified address verification software, which corrects and standardizes the addresses in your database. The RDI module takes this standardized address and lets you know whether it is a residential or commercial address. Simple, but effective.

Eliminate Carrier Penalties

Certain carriers charge more for shipping to commercial addresses.

Informed Carrier Choices

Lower shipping charges by rate shopping carriers based on the delivery type.

Improve Efficiency

Identify delivery patterns to improve operational efficiency.

Accumail RDI Benefits

Avoid Penalties

Reduce residential delivery surcharges by verifying delivery type before shipping.

Decrease Delivery Charges

Lower shipping charges by rate shopping to meet the delivery requirements based on the delivery address.

Marketing Effectiveness

Receive greater targeting capabilities for marketing by determining if the addresses in contact lists are businesses or residential.

Increased Productivity

Improve parcel shipping processes with an analysis of shipping patterns and costs.

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