What is Informed Delivery?

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Author: Mary Elizabeth.     Published on: July 28th, 2022

What is Informed Delivery?

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The United States Postal Service has a lot of features that are designed to provide a wonderful user experience to what is otherwise a relatively frill-free experience when receiving mail. One of those features is called Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery allows USPS online account holders to preview a greyscale photo of a mail piece’s exterior. This is only available for letter-sized parcels. A tracking number is sometimes provided alongside the Informed Delivery email or website dashboard display if there are incoming packages.


Benefits of Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a great way for mail recipients to be notified of incoming mail from anywhere. For example, if someone is on vacation and is expecting a particular piece of mail, that person can keep tabs on if and when that piece of mail is making its way to their location. This helps people in the know about important mail arrivals, such as checks or time-sensitive documents. 

For USPS items that contain tracking, users can view the delivery status and leave delivery instructions for the mail carrier. Additionally, with Informed Delivery, users can manage mail notifications and reschedule deliveries from their dashboard. Notifications are available through both email and text.


Frequently Asked Questions About Informed Delivery

Q: Is everyone eligible for Informed Delivery?

A: People who live in a ZIP Code where informed delivery is offered are eligible unless their home is not coded properly. For example, this sometimes happens in multi-unit buildings or in newer construction developments. Until the coding is officially completed, some people may not be eligible for Informed Delivery even if they live in an eligible area.

Q: What pieces of mail are available to be viewed by Informed Delivery’s greyscale image capture?

A: Mail-sized parcels are eligible for Informed Delivery’s grayscale image capturing, assuming that it uses USPS’s automated methods. For mail items like magazines, the Informed Delivery greyscale image may only be available if the sender is also utilizing USPS for a mail marketing campaign.

Q: How long does it take for Informed Delivery to begin working for me?

A: Upon successfully signing up and being properly identified, most users typically begin to receive Informed Delivery notifications within three business days. Weekends and holidays may affect this timeframe.

Q: what all can I do with informed delivery?

A: Informed Delivery users are able to receive greyscale images of their mail, track certain types of packages, schedule packages for redelivery, and leave special delivery instructions when and where applicable.


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