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Result Codes Description
Blank or 0 The address has been successfully coded.
1 The address is coded but undeliverable (i.e. on side of street known to contain no houses).
2 The ZIP code was not found and the city and state cannot be used to determine a geographical area to search.
3 Coding would result in changing both ZIP and city.  This is illegal for PO BOX and route type addresses.
4 The best match would result in too many suspicious changes.
5 The street was identified as an alias but was out of the range restricted for that alias.
6 No street address was given.
7 There are no street name matches in the given ZIP code or in any geographically-related ZIP code.
8 The street may contain superfluous components which cannot be discarded with confidence.
9 The house number could not be matched.
10 The best match was made to a ZIPMOVE record but was not an exact match.
11 A ZIPMOVE match was made but no exact match could be found in the new ZIP.
12 The Early Warning System indicates that an exact match will become available in the next database update.
13 There are multiple matches with the same degree of confidence.  This may indicate an inconsistency in the USPS data.
14 Incorrect suffix, directional, street name, or unit resulted in multiple matches with the same degree of confidence.
15 Incorrect ZIP, city, or urbanization resulted in multiple matches with the same degree of confidence.
16 A corrected field was too long to fit into the supplied field.
17 Media Error.  The database could not be read because of a hardware or system problem.
18 Process Fault. Processing was interrupted due to serious program error.  Please contact technical support.
19 DPV No Match.  The address was found in the Zip+4 data, but not matched in the DPV reference.
20 False Positive detected.
Correction Code Description
A Normal street match.
B PO BOX match.
C Route type match.
D Unique ZIP’ match.
E Small town’ match.
F Alias match.
G Highrise alternate’ match.
H Firm match.
I Highrise match.
J Highrise default match.
K Route default match.
L Street name corrected.
M Street suffix corrected.
N Predirectional corrected
O Postdirectional corrected.
P City corrected.
Q State corrected.
R ZIP corrected.
S Urbanization corrected.
T ZIP+4 corrected.
U House number corrected.
V Unit number corrected.
W Secondary unit designator corrected.
X Firm corrected.
Y Street swapped with firm.
Z Street swapped with alternate.
0 Dual address changed to PO BOX.
1 Dual address street match.
2 Input city is not preferred but is acceptable.
3 Street standardized.
4 Unit not verified.
5 Leftovers found.
6 ZIPMOVE match.
7 LACSLINK match.
8 SuiteLink Match.

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