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The AccuMail Move™ Toolkit is designed to interface the client’s application with the AccuMail Move™ server that corrects, codes, and checks for NCOALink™ moved addresses.

When a matching address is found in the USPS National Database and DPV verified, it then passes through the USPS NCOALink Database and is checked for moved addresses. The NCOALink moved addresses are passed through the USPS National and DPV database once more and then returned to the client.

If AccuMail Move™ cannot match the input address with the USPS National and DPV Database, an error code is passed back to the client, both identifying that input address as undeliverable and explaining why it could not be matched.

After a list has been processed through AccuMail Move™ and returned to the client, your application can do whatever post-processing routines are required to meet your business needs. This is when your application can manipulate the way the result is stored, interpreted, and/or presented back to the requesting client. For example, if an address could not be matched, you could prompt the client for more or better input address information.

Working Coding Samples:
C# Win Form
C# Console

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