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Error Codes are used to mark an address as correct, or to provide information about what component of an address is invalid.

If an address is returned with a code starting with V then the address was valid as it was and needed no correction. If an address is returned with a code starting with C then the address was corrected and is now valid. If an address is returned with a two or three characters’ code beginning with the letter I then the address is invalid.

The following table lists the error codes that can be added to a corrected address.
NOTE: Extended error codes have a ranking associated with them. In the table below the P is the highest and the X is the lowest. If frameworks Canada changes multiple parts of an address, the highest ranked extended error code is always reported. For example, if the province code and civic number are changed, a P is returned, not an N, because the province code ranks higher than the civic number.

Error Code Explanation:

The list below explains the 3rd character.  

P              The province code was corrected

M            The municipality was corrected

N             The civic number was corrected

U             The unit identifier was corrected

S              The street name was corrected

S              The street type/street direction was corrected

U             The unit designator was corrected

D             The delivery installation address was corrected

X             The postal code was corrected

?              Address classified as Questionable by CPC due to quality of civic information collected

E             Addresses excluded from accuracy calculation


The first character indicates:

N             (Non-correctable)

C             (Correctable)

V             (Valid)


The second character indicates:

The only exceptions are NCF (Uncorrectable Country Foreign) and NT (Non-correctable Truncated).

U             (Urban)

R             (Rural)


Some example of error coded are:

C P          Correctable Province code

NRP       Non-correctable Rural Province code

CRD       Correctable Rural Delivery Installation address


N S         Non-correctable Street Name

N N         Non-Correctable Civic Number

C M        Correctable Municipality

C u         Correctable Unit Designator

C N         Correctable Civic Number

NRN      Non-correctable Rural Civic Number

V L         Valid LVR Address

V R        Valid      Rural Address

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